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Community Video Submission

Help us provide more free math lessons to the world.

If you have a Math Lesson that you want us to share on our YouTube Channel and website, you can submit that here.  We do have a few requirements though to ensure that you can legally submit the video.

Your video must be on YouTube and must be licensed under Creative Commons.  You must also be legally allowed to share that video on YouTube.

What is Creative Commons? This is a option for any video that is on YouTube and is up to the creator to determine what that setting is.  YouTube has a good explanation which can be found here. But, to summarize it, this allows people to use and or adapt your YouTube video.  This can be a student who needs to download the lesson when they have internet (like at a library) so they can watch it at home where they don't have internet.  It could be a teacher who wants to make a compilation of good videos for their students.  This essentially makes your math video truly free.

Where do we come in?  If your video is of Minute Math quality and is selected, we will put your name on our website as a contributor as well as your YouTube Channel (and other social media platforms that you desire).  We will upload your video to our YouTube Channel, and in the description of the video give you credit as well as a link to your YouTube Channel where students can find more of your AWESOME videos.  We will also organize and link the video to our website where students can easily search and find your channel.

Ok, if you are ready, please enter your information below so we can start processing the videos.  You can submit as many videos as you would like. Please select the button below to begin.